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Giving Back

Every season, we give a portion of our sales to charities. We carefully pick charities that we feel we can help and whole-heartedly support.

Fall Charities

Why these?

We have chosen these three 501(c)3 non-profit charities for this season due to the fact of how involved we are in animal support. Yvette is honored to be a member of the board for the Friends of C/PC Animals and one of our Poodles was a rescue from a rescue organization ran by the President of the Friends of White County Animals. These two organizations are governed by a volunteer-based board which allows the proceeds raised to be used 100% for animal welfare, including assisting shelters, adoption events, and educating on animal wellness and welfare.

Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) is a national organization that takes action in three ways. They conduct rescues of animals from abuse or natural disaster. They create public awareness of animal suffering. They offer training and assessments for animal shelters, professionals, and volunteers.

Please check out the links above to each one of these organizations for more information. The goal for all of these is to get each animal into a furever loving home.
We would also encourage everyone considering a pet for your home to check your local shelter(s) first. There are so many wonderful animals in these facilities needing and waiting for a loving family! Also, if you can, follow up with your local shelters to see if you could assist with needs and/or volunteering opportunities.

Robert and Yvette, with rescued Pixie. We were able to enjoy almost 7 years together. We are forever blessed and grateful that she was part of our family. Pixie crossed the Rainbow Bridge Christmas Eve 2019 and she will be forever missed.

Yvette volunteering with Animal Rescue in 2018